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Your Ultimate Hydrovac Team for Daylighting
and Non-Destructive Excavation in Northern Alberta

Our Qualified Operators Do It Right

Our hydrovac trucks are operated by experienced professionals. Our operators are thoroughly trained and skilled at performing non-destructive excavating.

Whether a client is from the oilfield, industrial, agriculture, commercial, or residential sector, our staff will be able determine the right method of hydrovac service needed.

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Elite Vac & Steam, Grande Prairie, AB, Hydro Vac


Hydro Excavation for Daylighting, Debris Removal & More

You can excavate without damaging your underground utilities. Hydro excavation is a non-destructive method of digging up what’s below the surface, such as buried lines and pipelines. By using water to break up the earth and a vacuum to remove the mud, the hydrovac unit effectively eliminates the potential for utility strikes, damage to equipment, and ruptured pipes, which could lead to environmental disasters and hefty repair costs.

Printable Hydrovac Spec Sheet

Elite – Hydrovac Services

Looking for hydrovac services? Our team is ready to serve you!

  • Daylighting Buried Lines and Pipelines
  • Pile Hole and Trench Digging
  • Energized Power Cable Exposure
  • Contaminated Ground Excavation
  • Water Main Break
  • Curb Stop Repair
  • Culvert Clean Outs
  • Lift Station Clean Outs
  • Transport of Contaminated Soil

State of the Art Hydrovac Equipment

At Elite Vac & Steam, we intentionally stock our fleet with high-capacity units capable of handling almost any job. In-house mechanics and highly trained operators keep each piece of equipment clean and in impeccable condition, ready to serve you better.

Code & Non-Code Hydrovac Units

At Elite Vac & Steam, we offer both code and non-code hydrovac units, allowing us to haul dangerous goods that regular non-code equipment can’t legally handle.

Hydrovac Capacities

Our hydrovacs have high capacities to haul your water, debris and waste in Grande Prairie and Northern Alberta.


  • 9 m3 Water Capacity
  • Grounding Mat Equipped Units
  • Oscillating Pressure Tips
  • 1200–3500 PSI Operating Pressure

Equipment Capacities

Standard Non-Code Hydrovac

Hydro-Vac Specifications

Debris Capacity: 9 cubic metres
Water Capacity: 2366 US GAL (8m3)
Standard Blower: Roots 3658 – 5400 cfm/27”hg
Standard Water: Cat tri-plex water pump 14-16 GPM
Standard Boiler: 1 million BTU / 120V Hotsy
Filtration: 3 stage
Boom/tubes: 8” Top Gun

Standard Code Hydrovac – TDG Certified

Hydro-Vac Specifications

Debris Capacity: 10 cubic metres
Water Capacity: 700 gallons ( 3 – 8m3)
Standard Blower: 822 Hibon – 2400 cfm/27”hg
Standard Water: CAT 3460 – Pressure pump
Standard Boiler: 1,100,00 BTU/1200 volt hot shot
Filtration: 3 stage
Boom: 8” Boom with 20’ reach

*All trucks are equipped with grounding mats and oscillating nozzles for exposing energized power lines.

*All operators are fully trained and orientated to work for all major oil and utility companies.

Grande Prairie, Peace River and Beyond

We have two main locations in Grande Prairie, & Peace River but we service Northern Alberta, British Columbia, NWT and beyond. Call us today! We would be happy to serve you with our state-of-art hydro-vac units.


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