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Qualified Operators Do It Right

At Elite Vac & Steam, we believe that it’s important to not only have proper state of the art equipment.  We feel it’s also essential to have the right people in place to do the job correctly to provide great customer service.

Our operators handle a wide range of cleaning from plant turnarounds, to industrial equipment cleaning, to tank desanding. Whether you’re in the oilfield, industrial, agriculture, commercial, or residential sectors, you can trust our people to continually find better ways to serve you.

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Elite – Boiler & Mobile Steamer Services

Boiler & Steamer Units For Plant Turnarounds, Tank Steaming & More

Our steaming services cover a wide range of cleaning and heating, including sour tank cleaning, industrial pressure washing, and more. Elite Vac & Steam units are fully equipped for handling sour facilities, meaning we offer zero-entry tank cleaning, zero-release sweetening, and metered chemical injections. This ensures the safety of our employees, as well as our customer’s employees, when H2S and LEL’s are present.


Looking for top notch steaming services? Our team is ready to serve the oilfield, forestry, industrial and residential sectors.

  • Plant Turnaround Steaming
  • Tank Steaming with Vapour Suppression
  • Oilfield & Industiral Steam Cleaning
  • Tank Desanding
  • Cooler Fin Cleaning
  • Dry Steam Capabilities
  • Zero Entry Tank Cleaning
  • On Board Chemical Sales

State of the Art Industrial Steaming Equipment

At Elite Vac & Steam, we intentionally stock our fleet with high-capacity units capable of handling almost any job. In house mechanics and highly trained operators keep each piece of equipment clean and in impeccable condition, ready to serve you better.

Mobile & Stationary Boiler Units

At Elite Vac & Steam, we carry both stationary and mobile boiler units, allowing us to offer a variety of capacities for different steaming & heating needs. All boiler units are completely self-contained with generators, water and fuel.

Steamer Truck Capacities

Our steam trucks have high capacities to perform complex steaming and pressure washing jobs.


  • Equipped with Dual Boilers (which allows us to operate 4 wash wands at one time)
  • 660 CAT Pressure Pumps (3000 PSI @ 10 Gal/min)
  • Dual 1.2 million BTU Boilers
  • 7–8 m3 Water Capacity
  • 110 Volt Operating System
  • Dry Steam Capabilities
  • Gamma Jet
  • Metered Chemical Injections

125 HP Hurst Boiler Skidded Unit

  • Self-Contained
  • 20 KW Generator
  • 6M3 Fuel Tank
  • 8M3 Water Tank
  • Light Tower
  • (2) – 24” Rough Neck Heaters
  • 200’ – 1” Hose, 1-16” Rough Neck
  • 200’ – 2” Hose, 1-24” Rough Neck
  • 200’ – 1” Rigid Pipe
  • 200’ – 2” Rigid Pipe

100 HP Saskatoon Boiler Trailer Unit

  • Self-Contained
  • 12 KW Generator
  • 1000 Gallon Fuel tank
  • 4 M3 Water Tank
  • 200’ – 1” Hose, 1-16” Rough Neck
  • 200’ – 2” Hose, 1-24” Rough Neck
  • 200’ – 1” Rigid Pipe
  • 200’ – 2” Rigid Pipe

40 HP Saskatoon Boiler Trailer Unit

  • 4 Trailer Units
  • Self-Contained
  • 12 KW Generator
  • 400 L Fuel Tank
  • 3000 L Water Tank
  • 400’ – 1” Steam Hose
  • 1-16” Rough Neck Hose
  • 1-24” Rough Neck Hose



Based in Grande Prairie, our service area stretches to cover the entire Peace Region and beyond. Call us today for all your vac/steam & fluid hauling needs.


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